General / 20 February 2020

Coiffure 1.15

Hi there,

Here’s just a quick message to notify you of the release of Coiffure 1.15.
This update focuses only on fixing known issues.
I plan a second fix before the end of the month.

This version focuses mostly on the Strand generator and the Hairboard.

- Added a switch for activating anti aliasing,it’s located under the close button.

- Each time the close tool button is clicked, the user will be asked if he wants to save an unsaved scene before closing the tool. This way new files will be cleaner.

- Hairboard tool will now correctly refuse to open strands with missing data.

- Hairboard tool won’t try to swap strands with a strand with missing data.

- Fixed a glitch that slightly offset the uv when the user is using “Update with UV box”.

- Uv boxes are no longer orient constraint in X with the scalp. You can rotate the scalp without counter animating the UV box.

- Textures can now be rendered with thickness or not a little F (Flat) and T(Thick) icon is available in the Arnold baking tool.

Next update will focus on the groom and ribbon tool.
Stay tuned :)



PS: If you have any issues don’t hesitate to contact me by mail/skype/arstation/FB