General / 09 April 2020

Coiffure 1.20

Hi guys,

It was supposed to be an update for March but with all this Covid situation my schedule was turned upside down.

Better late than never here's a fresh update which include some bug fixes and a brand new layering system for the grooming tool.
Now you have to way to display your haircards: by strand texture (red section) or by layer (Blue section).
You can create as many layer as you want and you can have a group of layer for each scalp of your character.

This allow you more control, a better understanding of your haircut and I hope an improved workflow.

As always monthly updates are free for all Coiffure users .

I hope you will like this new feature :)

Head model from  

How does it work ?

In the new UI each time that you create a scalp, two outliner will be created a red one for the strands and a blue one for the layers.
To allow more controls I separated the visibility option from the haircards assignment . It means that you can change the uv of an haircard and display its information layer at the same time and the other way around.

I hope it makes sense and you will see it's very intuitive.

To make the tool more readable, I assigned a color for the strand system (red) and another one for the layer system (blue). That's why each time you switch your outliner the button will change of color and they will be related to the current system:
- If the "Shuffle selection" button is red, you will change the uv assignment of your selection.

- If the "Remove selection" button is blue, you will remove the selection from its layer.

Then you have a switch button that allow you to change the display as you can see with this Gif.

You have the possibility to reset your display for each scalp if you use the "Scalp visibility" drowdown button