General / 13 January 2021

Coiffure, quick update

Hi ,

I just uploaded a small update of Coiffure to make the scalp baking workflow a bit easier.

1st it's now mandatory to set a path to a working directory and the tool will remind you to set this before rendering anything. It wasn't that clear in the past.

2nd You can now name your render, allowing you to have a folder for each one of your scalp render (for example : beard, hair,eyelashes). It was not the case before and all render would come at the same place in the working directory. Now you will have separate folder with versioning.

All you have to do is to fill this text field "Set a render name"

As a small teaser, I'm working on a new tool for 2021 and this one will help you to work on realistic character ! It will also be the perfect addition to Coiffure ;)