Couture for Maya : Beta Teaser

Work In Progress / 22 July 2018

Hi there,

Here is my first blog post ! And it's for a pretty good new :)

I had this script on my shelf for months, but now I'm almost ready to release it :)
This is a simple script that ease the clothes retopology workflow.
Couture will take care of all the redundant tasks (create blendshapes, wraps, etc..) that you can encounter when you're trying to have a nice and clean mesh from a scanned garment or from Marvelous Designer. Well it might sound a bit simple but when you have a garment with hundred of piece of cloth, I really hope that this tool will be very handy ! 

I looking for some beta testers, who can tell me if everything is working correctly before a free release in few weeks. Ping me by email if you want to try, however I might not have the time to answer to everyone.

I wrote this tool in python, mostly pymel but also some Maya API thanks to my good friend Rémi Deletrain

Cheers !