General / 27 May 2020

Hairstyle sales

Hello guys,

I hope you are doing well. A client of mine is looking for some hairstyle and I think that some of you could be interested by this offer. 

They are looking for realtime haircut for a mobile app, you have the technical details here :

If you need more info contact me or use to reach them directly.

Here's a briefing from Mark @ biggbird studio:

Hi there,

My name is Mark and I am the owner/creator of the FaceActing app.

We are a mobile app development company with a focus on creating great new experiences by building innovative and uniquely fun applications for mobile phones.

The app that we are currently building is called FaceActing, and this app is based on the latest technology used by Apple for real time face tracking. Check out some example videos created by the app here:

At the moment we are building a full customization feature for our characters, which means we need a lot of different hairstyles. We do already have a lot of characters, but not too many hairstyles. Thus, we are looking for groomers who are willing to sell their pre-created 3d hairstyles. It doesn’t matter what models you have. We are open to a range of models, as long as they are in the right conditions

What are we looking for?

- Groomers who have already created different hairstyles for other or personal projects.

- Different hairstyles for male and female characters.

- Hairstyles need to meet a minimum quality, see Hair styles guidelines V2.pdf

- Reasonable pricing per hairstyle (to be discussed on case by case).

- We need about 50 to 100 different hairstyles.

- Willingness to adjust or upgrade the hair style, if needed or requested by us.

Send us a photo of your hair style(s), and we’ll let you know if we can use them. If we can use your hair style(s), we can discuss the pricing.