Free Leopard skeleton and references pictures
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Florian croquet panthera

Free Leopard skeleton and references pictures

Free Leopard skeleton and references pictures

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Few months ago, I started a project on my free time, the creation of a Leopard. I also had many other projects but did not find the time to keep working. However I decided to share with you my assets, including the full skeleton and 200 references pictures that I took personally at the Museum d'histoire naturelle in Paris.
I tried to be as precise as I could for the modeling but also for the naming of each bones as well as for the organisation of the meshes. However, I'm not an expert of big cats, some errors might be hidden in my version. I try to follow my references anatomy book carefully!

So if you want to complete this Leopard feel free to use the asset for any rigging or muscle modeling exercices 🙂
In the coming months, I will release the full muscle version, hopefully I can find time between my different personal projects. Do not hesitate to follow me for the upcomming updates.

Have fun with this little guy/lady