WIP self portrait

[French] Creature Legends: Working on realistic character

Hi there,

Last year I started a self portrait, some of you might have seen my previous post about it.
I did those render in March for the Creatures Legends masterclass organized by Gael Kerchenbaum and the Rookies.
And I didn't work on the project since ... The truth is that I'm waiting for a better computer to finish this project, mine is old and it's really a pain to render with it.
Well, until I get a new one this project will be lost on my hard drive, so I think it was better to post a WIP than nothing :D .
There's still plenty of area that are not good enough (the lips, the skin shader, the pant etc). However, I've learned so much since March that I have many ideas on how to improve everything.

Face, hands and shoes are based on scan data.
I also use some texture from TexturingXYZ such as cloth pattern and some skin details .
I talk more about the creation process in the masterclass, unfortunately it's in french.

Hope you like it :)