Coiffure, plug-in for real time hair in Maya.

Trailer - Coiffure, fast and iterative tool for real-time hair in Maya

Coiffure - Overview - Discover this tool for real-time hair work on Maya

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Hi folks!
I’m happy to present Coiffure, a new plugin for Maya designed to help you with your real-time hair work. Fast, iterative and easy to use,Coiffure simplifies and streamlines the Xgen real-time workflow as usually seen in games production.
→ Thanks to a strand library you will be able to quickly use and reuse a large variety of strands created with Xgen.
→ Organise and create your textures in Arnold in minutes.
→ Create your haircut with Coiffure’s ribbon system to quickly place and adjust your haircards.
→ Finally, adjust your UV in seconds with Coiffure’s UV template system!

Last but not least, everything is iterative and non destructive so you can create and reload any project.

Big thanks to the people who helped me during the development!